About Jepps Books


It’s a work in progress. Every day there is something new to browse or see.

we’re Jepps Books – Sheffield’s Radical Book Emporium.

If you’re interested in feminism, anarchism, Marx, anti-racist struggles or LGBT rights we’re here for you. Our aim is to help supply the various movements for a better world with radical reading matter (as well as badges, posters, nik-naks and the like).

Our history in full

On Saturday 4th March 2017 we set up a book stall in Theatre Deli on The Moor (see pic) with the intention of doing a week there and then a week at The Moor Market a few doors down while we secured a more permanent base.

Halfway through the week the Deli people sidled over and whispered conspiratorially, “why don’t you stay for three months?” Agog with pleasure we said yes, as it meant we could be on the main thoroughfare in a lovely, huge window in a venue that has great LGBT, feminist and other right-on events. Right up our alley, the perfect place for a book nook.

It also meant we didn’t have to carry all our boxes away again. Whew!

So stage one of Jepps Books, radical book emporium, was as a pop up in Theatre Deli until June 24th. So stage one is now over (sad face).

We learned three things from stage one. Firstly – a radical bookshop in Sheffield was possible. After the first few weeks it was economically viable and could sustain one person working on it full time. There was a market for it, possibly enough to create more roles.

Second – people really wanted a radical bookshop in Sheffield. People kept coming in and saying “we really need this!”.

Lastly – people really liked the radical bookshop that Jepps Books had created. They said it looked lovely, that the books were amazing and the badges, nik-naks and what-nots were hilarious. That’s all we ask for.

Stage two: We’re hoping to get out and about doing book stalls at lefty events, like the Sheffield Anarchist Bookfair, which was brilliant. That means we’ve travelled to Cradley Heath’s Chainmakers festival and are hoping to be seen out and about at al kinds of events in Sheffield including the Pinknik and Sheffield Pride.

So, if you are holding an event that you think would benefit from having a radical bookstall please do get in touch, because we like to be a benefit. Simply email jim@jeppsbooks.co.uk and we will see what we can do.