Upcoming Events

Jepps Books is here to support radical, left movements across the area. If you know of an event that you would like as to list please send details by email including a link and, provided the Committee of Revolutionary Purity allow, we’ll be happy to highlight it here and on twitter.


Jepps Books events

These events are organised by us specifically.

Wednesday January 9th – Radical Readers6.00 pm Sheffield Central Library (link)

What else is going on?

These events are organised by other people. We are not responsible for them but we think you might be interested in them.


  • Jan 8th – New Roots Reading Group – The Tyranny of Structurelessness link
  • Jan 10th – Radical Readers. 6 pm Sheffield Central Library.
  • Jan 11th – Verse Matters link
  • Jan 12th – Revolution in Rojava – report back link
  • Jan 14th – Ceilidh for Climate Sanity link
  • Jan 21st – Fundraiser Curry for the Rohingya People of Myanmar link
  • Feb 9th – Electric Arc Furnace, a semi-regular poetry reading series of radical and left poetries, link
  • Feb 26th – Sheffield says no to Trump – link
  • Mar 22nd – Three Acres and a Cow – link
  • June 9th – Peace in the Park – link


Part of the purpose of Jepps Books is to help build the broad range of leftist, social movements of all denominations and none. Advertising an event does not imply complete agreement with the organisers, nor are we responsible for the actions and events that we have listed. We prefer campaign events to party events, but we have an open mind on these things. We list them because we think you’ll be interested in some of them, listings are not endorsements.