Come to the Theatre Deli – Jepps Books in action

We’re here at The Theatre Deli on The Moor all week until Friday the 10th March, come on by and pick up some radical literature, badges or just for a chat. If you come on Sunday or Monday though you’ll only be able to stare through the window at our poster display, because the Deli is shut those days.

This week only we have carefully curated second hand books for radicals at £2 each and all the new books are an outrageous £4 each. There’s something for everyone whether you’re interested in feminism, anarchism, Marx, LGBT rights or anti-racist struggles.

Books, posters, badges and nik naks for every rebellion

Over the next few weeks we’ll be in various places around Sheffield, including Moor Market (check this site for where to find us), selling books for radicals as well as posters, cards, fridge magnets and the rest.

Our window display which has been attracting a lot of attention all day

Watch this space for news of where our permanaent home will be where we hope to help supply Sheffield’s left with much needed ideological sustenance.

If you are hosting an event where you’d like a radical bookstall please do get in touch as we’d like to cover as many of these kinds of events as possible and, given enough notice, we’ll be able to provide a good selection of leftist books catered to your event. Simply email and we shall see what we can do!