We’re now resident in Theatre Deli for three months!

Halfway through what was to be a week’s stall at Sheffield’s Theatre Deli they sidled up to Jepps Books and whispered conspiratorially, “Why don’t you just stay for three months?” We’d be silly to turn the opportunity down really so it was several micro-seconds before we said, “Oh, ok then. If you like.”

So now it’s official, we are “popping up” at Theatre Deli until June 23rd after which we’ll be looking for a new home – but until then there’s plenty of time to come down and check out our radical books, posters, leftist nik naks and historic postcards… well, they’re postcards of historic strikes, they’re not postcards that made history. Those are few and far between.

Our opening times are Tuesday to Saturday, from 11 to 4 (unless there’s an event suitable to our interests, in which case we’ll be open later)

You’ll know us by the posters of the Miners’ Strike in the window that The Moor Policeman keeps studying, presumably for ideas.

Jepps Books, c/o Theatre Delicatessen, 17 The Moor, Sheffield, S1 4PF